We have made some changes to categories and forums. We hope that this will make their purpose a little bit clearer.

The "Microsoft Office" category has been renamed to "Microsoft Office etc." to reflect that it includes some non-Office forums, such as the .Net forum.

The "Windows" category has been renamed to "Windows (and other operating systems)" because it includes an "Other OSes - Palm /Linux" forum.

The "Spyware - AntiVirus - Safe Computing" forum has been renamed to "Computer Security and Backup". This forum now encompasses discussion of backup and disk imaging software, in addition to discussion of security software such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewalls.

The "Software Finds and Wants" forum has been renamed to "Other Software Applications". This forum is intended for discussion of software not covered by our other forums, including but not limited to freeware and shareware.

We may move some of the existing threads about backup and disk imaging software from the "Other Software" forum to the "Computer Security and Backup" forum.

The "Graphic Applications" forum has been moved from the "Microsoft Office" category to the "Other Serious Stuff" category.

The "MS Works" forum has been moved from the "Other Serious Stuff" category to the "Microsoft Office etc." category. Even though MS Works is strictly speaking not part of MS Office, it is closely related.