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The 1,181 KB file-set at detach is a first crude attempt to strip attachments from Thunderbird mail files.
(d/l the zip, extract all to fresh folder, read the ReadMe.txt ...)
I maintain monthly folders Trash200802, Trash200803, Trash200804 etc, and they bloom to 80MB+.
I save attachments that are important as they arrive (client data, friends photos etc) and after two months I strip attachments.
The mail file(s) drop to ~6MB.


I take a mail file and strip attachments and send the result to a new file. I do not alter your original mail files.
You must delete/rename to switch the old (80MB+) file out of the way and switch in the new (6MB) file.

I have no immediate plans for upgrading the software, but will happily consider fixing any bugs, in my Copious Free Time(tm).
Note that although the attachment still shows up in the folder/message, and although you can right-click and saveAs, all that gets saved is a 0KB file. That is, the attachment is gone!