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    Always Learning (Word 97)

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    I'm a Technical Writer in New Jersey (hence the license plate in my sig) It's that time again that the company lets me pick a seminar to attend. I have one in mind, "Developing HTML-based Help" with Matthew Ellison and Scott Boggan from WinWriters <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> but I have a sneaking suspicion the day I want to go won't be available... my luck lately I guess. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

    As to what would interest me, I created the department template (including some cool macros) from the ground up. Anything dealing with the template, styles or conventions of the department get referred eventually to me... (they call me the Czarina... Tech Writers are a strange group...) I'd like to continue to live up to that title, so anything that deals with creating a better mouse trap would be cool. (Keep in mind, I know how to create templates... I'd just like to get a feel of what I could do to make what I have better Other than visiting here frequently... <img src=/S/doh.gif border=0 alt=doh width=15 height=15>)
    Also, our mainframe systems (appx. 80 systems) are all being web-enabled... (they hope by 1Q next year <img src=/S/rofl.gif border=0 alt=rofl width=15 height=15>) So, all of our training guides are being updated and new HTML help needs to be developed. We use RoboHTML9.0 and I just finished creating the CSS and a lengthy procedure of work arounds to make everything work with IE and the dreaded [insert expletive here] Netscape. This is a big reason why the above seminar caught my interest.

    In the realm of Novice, Intermediate and Expert, I fall under the Word Expert category, RoboHELP and HTML Intermediate.

    I can't go outside the country (US) and Hawaii is out too <img src=/S/weep.gif border=0 alt=weep width=21 height=16>

    have fun

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    Re: Always Learning (Word 97)

    I do not know if this tip will help you make better mousetraps, but it can possibly multiply your mousetrap making capacity:

    If you have a large number of Help topics to create, the following approach might just work instead of authoring :

    (a) Use Word to create Winhelp Topics using custom marks ! $ # * K A footnotes and appropriate Word macros to help cleanly and uniformly styled Help Topics
    ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] Create a Winhelp Project and create Winhelp
    Convert the Winhelp Project into HTML Help, using the feature in HTML Help Workshop which allows you to do this.

    I had tried this approach on a small Winhelp project and it worked quite well, where the content is fully text, with no special characters.

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