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    Add new name to list box??? (97)

    i have a worksheet that contains links to another xls file called dummy. this dummy file is used to hold exports from an access query that gives me unique names in a database. Then the dummy file is used as the source file for a column on my DATA ENTRY sheet

    each cell in the column of DATA ENTRY looks like this ( ='G:New Ideas[dummy.xls]Sorted Names For

    The problem here is that if a new name that is not already on the database needs to be entered it can't be because a list box is there. The list box has the names that appear on the dummy file from Access. How can i make it easy to add a new name to the list, while still allowing the user to select from the list? I was thinking an update query but it is not installed on our machines. Anyone know a way to solve this stumper. If you need more info just ask, thanks alot.

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    Re: Add new name to list box??? (97)

    I don't quite understand what you're doing. Why are you using a spreadsheet to populate a listbox in Access, or is the listbox in Excel? Where are you trying to add a new name from, Access or Excel? And are you using Excel as a front-end for an Access database or what? To get an answer that really helps you, you'll need to give more detail on exactly what you're doing or trying to do.

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