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Thread: Add-ins (2003)

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    Add-ins (2003)

    Does anyone have a good reference to learn about the Add-ins in Excel? I am trying to learn exactly what the standard ones due--especially Analysis ToolPak and Solver Add-in. My company recently reloaded programs on our desktops and I noticed yesterday that I was not able to change Named Range references in the Source Data of Charts that I had created. I couldn't figure out why since all of the formula arrays looked correct. Today, I looked at the Add-ins of another file someone sent to me and noticed Analysis ToolPak was not checked. I checked it and now I don't have a problem with the Source Data reference. Bizarre!

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    Re: Add-ins (2003)

    I'm not sure I understand your question - add-ins are not workbook specific. Whatever add-ins you have loaded on your computer are there regardless of which workbook you have open.
    Also, the Analysis toolpak add-in just provides additional functions for statistical analysis of data - it has nothing to do with the source range of charts (though you can use it to create histograms of data). If you type <code>Solver</code> into Excel help, it will tell you all about the nature and purpose of Solver and how it works.

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