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    printing to two different trays (Word 2003 SP3)

    I want to print a letter twice, once on headed paper and the next time on plain paper. We have them in tray1 and tray2 of a Lexmark T630 printer what would the macro code be just to ask for one copy on each type of paper in turn? I've tried recording the macro but Word doesn't seem to record the changing of the tray in the macro code when I do the two prints manually.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



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    Re: printing to two different trays (Word 2003 SP3)

    Try recording a macro of selecting the paper tray in the Paper tab of File | Page Setup...
    You should get something like the following, with a lot of other code that you can remove:

    Sub Macro1()
    With ActiveDocument.PageSetup
    .FirstPageTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin
    .OtherPagesTray = wdPrinterDefaultBin
    End With
    End Sub

    If the code for the bins of your LexMark is not among the built-in wdPaperTray constants, you'll see numbers instead of the symbolic constants.

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