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Thread: JVC .mod files?

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    JVC .mod files?

    I have a JVC HDD camera that stores the video files as .mod files. Associated with each .mod file is a .moi sound file.

    Has anyone worked with these before? Media Player seems to be able to play the files, but I need to save one of them as an .mpg file so I can give it to a friend. Do I need to simply rename the .mod file -- which is supposedly equivalent to a .vob file?? Do I need to worry about the .moi file as well?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: JVC .mod files?

    MOD is a modified MPEG2 format. You could try to make a copy and change the extension to .MPG and see if it still works.

    Streamclip video converter (free) and Xilisoft Video Converter (commercial, free trial download) should be able to convert the .MOD file.

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