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    Enhancing CCleaner's capabilities

    I've watched this handy little app develop from its simple inception to a well respected house keeping utility. It now has a very useful new capability - the option of telling it what is/ is not "junk" on YOUR machine, and where to find it. This is done through a custom configuration file called winapp2.ini.

    NOTE: Older versions of CCleaner ship with a file called winapp.ini. This file should not be tampered with:
    <pre>; Application Cleaning file
    ; If you would like to create custom entries then create a new file
    ; called winapp2.ini which follows the same format as this one.
    ; CCleaner will automatically pick up the new file.

    But for CCleaner v2.06 [25th March 2008]:
    - Added Google Firefox Toolbar history cleaning.
    - Winapp.ini is now embedded in the main EXE.
    - Added ability to override default embedded INI files with:
    winsys1.ini, winreg1.ini and winapp1.ini.
    - Updated ability to append to default embedded INI files with:
    winsys2.ini, winreg2.ini and winapp2.ini.

    Of particular interest is winapp2.ini. To create this yourself, it's suggested to firstly download and read the help file. But if you want "one we prepared earlier" take a look at Add A Program To Winapp2.ini - Piriform Forums. It contains entries for "junk" files to be deleted for the host of applications listed in the attached text file.

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