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    Weird Printing Problem (2003 sp1)

    Well, not sure how to explain this, but its definately something to do with ms access.

    On the site server, is a ms access database, shortcuts are on approx 10 PCs spread around the site.

    2 pcs in a Lab refuse to print ms access reports (they used to ok), to a local printer, however, they will print to a network printer some distance away.

    I had one of our IT chaps reinstall the printer drivers, but no joy. I've search on Woody's and Google for anything even remotely similar and came up with a big blank nothing.

    All other people trying to print can print ok.

    The local printers are modern HP inject printers.

    I'm totally stumped, anyone have any experience of this sort of thing, or, what to check?

    The code in the database itself, to print, is:-

    <font color=blue>DoCmd.OpenReport "Report", acViewPreview</font color=blue>

    Then users are using FILE > Print.. etc.

    Then nothing is happening, no error message, nada..

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    Re: Weird Printing Problem (2003 sp1)

    What is the default printer on the problem PCs? The local printer or a network printer? Does it make a difference if you change the default printer?

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    Re: Weird Printing Problem (2003 sp1)

    Have you tried setting a breakpoint and stepping thru.

    I also notice you are up to SP1, you should probably go toat least SP2, or SP3 if you can apply the hotfix s well. I am still on SP2.

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    Re: Weird Printing Problem (2003 sp1)

    If I read your post correctly, your users can preview the report, but it won't print. Correct? What happens when they do same thing from Word?
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