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    Crosstab parameter query (Access 2003)

    I'm using the SQL below in a crosstab query. I want the user to be able to key in the site code using a parameter statement. When I run this it gives me an error of The Microsoft Jet database engine does not recognize [Enter Site Code] as a vaild field name or expression.
    The query looks the way I want but I need to add the parameter. This is where it fails. Thanks for the help....

    PARAMETERS [Site Code] Text ( 255 );
    TRANSFORM Count(NSReport.[Candidate Appt #]) AS [CountOfCandidate Appt #]
    SELECT NSReport.WSID, NSReport.[Site Code]
    FROM NSReport
    WHERE (((NSReport.[Site Code])=[Enter Site Code]))
    GROUP BY NSReport.WSID, NSReport.[Site Code]
    PIVOT NSReport.[Test Date];

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    Re: Crosstab parameter query (Access 2003)

    Open the query in design view.
    Select Query | Parameters.
    Type [Enter Site Code] in the Parameter column (exactly as it appears in the Criteria line).
    Select the appropriate data type in the Data Type column.
    Click OK.
    Save the query design.

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