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    Contact Networking Software

    Anyone know of (and can expand on) free or low cost personal contact network software? I'm looking for something local on my machine that emulates the kind of hierarchy that builds on a social network site like Linked-In, and has a visual component; where I can trace relationships in a "six degrees of separation" kind of way with hierarchy (Sally is friends with Bob who knows Bart who knows Jan).

    Yes, Outlook has BCM, but I want something more visual and Outlook has 1:1 links but no hierarchy (that I know of). Googling didn't get me far (Huminity is primarily social network chat communications; I don't need the chat part), possibly because I don't know what search words I should employ. (And there are some fee-based internet sites such as JibberJobber, but I want something local on the PC.)
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    Re: Contact Networking Software

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 21-Apr-08 17:13. )</P>The only one I've used was a service: It had an Outlook add-in to mine data, but was used through the company's web site (

    There are a bunch of products listed here, but I don't know whether any include practical data mining tools to get you started:

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