Hi, all. I have a straightforward situation: I'd like to be able to save or download web pages to my Palm (actually a Tungsten e2) so that I can read them later. I don't want to have to do very much editing or manipulation (although some would be OK), because these wouldn't be for long-term storage. For example, I may want to read a couple wiki pages while I'm in a meeting. (Hey, I try to stay productive!) I certainly don't need to preserve any hyperlinks, nor do or will I browse the web from my PDA. Keeping the pictures might be nice, though, although it's not absolutely necessary. Heck, I'm even flexible about the format.

Initially, I thought that saving them as HTML would be the best way, but I can't find a viewer that will allow me to easily do that. Then I thought that maybe I should reconsider what format I use, and that I shouldn't lock myself in to a certain approach.

Thus, I come here to see if anyone has any experience or recommendations. Any help would be greatly appreciated!