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    Group check boxes (Word 2003)

    Dear all,

    I am constructing a questionnaire, where someone has to fill out (by use of checkboxes) their degree of expertise.

    There are 10 topics, with a Likert scale of five. So there are five checkboxes and only one can be selected. Can someone help me how to do this?

    Thanks in advance. See attachement for my example.
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    Re: Group check boxes (Word 2003)

    You'd need extensive VBA coding if you wanted to make groups of form check boxes mutually exclusive.
    Instead of 5 check boxes, you could use a single dropdown list from the Forms toolbar, with 5 options.
    Or you could use radio buttons from the Control Toolbox. Radio buttons with the same GroupName property act as a group - only one of them can be selected.

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