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    Email a Word Doc with VBA and Lotus Notes (2002)

    I would like to insert a command button that when selected by the EU sends the Word document to an designated email addresss. The mail is on Lotus Notes. v6.x I have done a little bit of VBA in Excel and Access but never in Word. I can figure out how to make the command button, but really need some code for the execution. I have been all over the internet and can't really find anything that is clear.

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    Re: Email a Word Doc with VBA and Lotus Notes (200

    You'll find many examples here of automating Outlook, but those are probably not applicable. This Google search turns up a number of articles on automating Lotus Notes: automate "lotus notes" (vba OR "visual basic").

    For example, in this page, there is a procedure that you might be able to use. From the Word side, you need to feed it the file name (ActiveDocument.FullPath). I wonder whether you need to close the document in order for Lotus Notes to be able to attach it? Hmmm... this is something I can't test myself.

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