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    Downloading updates (XP SP2 Media Center 2005)

    Hi everyone,

    I have a quick question,

    I just did a clean install of windows on my machine, and I believe that anyone who has done the same can attest that there is a big problem. When updating after several months or years of having windows, you have to re-download all the patches that you installed previously. Now, I watch the current advisories on ask woody, but I can't go back and find all the old patches and not the new ones.

    So in short, is there any program that i can use or any way to manage these patch downloads so I'm only getting the updates that are "safe" for my computer?

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    Re: Downloading updates (XP SP2 Media Center 2005)

    Hi & welcome to the Lounge,
    It's been asked before (advices for older updates). If you have followed askwoody for some years, you may have seen that after some time he gives an "all clear" advice, i.e. all patches, updates for certain software can be installed.

    So, if one had to give an advice, security updates from 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 and up to March 2008 should be no problem.

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