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    Screen Refresh (2003 SP3)

    I am running Word with XP Pro. It has developed a nuisance, in that certain parts of the screen do not refresh. For instance, when I am in a table, I sometimes need to add types of tabs. The tab bar shows, but I cannot click on it. If I switch from Page View to Normal (OR vice versa) the screen redraws and I can use this feature.

    I am also having a another problem, mostly with the Tab bar. I switch back and forth between Excel and Word. SOmetimes there is a residual part of the Excel screen visible. Again, the forced redraw by shifting screens does the job.

    Is there a quick keystroke (or even a menu option) that will force Word to redraw the screen so I don't have to shift views? (And, has anybody heard of this before?)

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    Re: Screen Refresh (2003 SP3)

    Here are two things you can try:

    1) Look for an updated driver for the video card of your PC.

    2) Decrease hardware acceleration:
    - Open the Display Properties control panel (either by right-clicking an empty part of the desktop and selecting Properties from the popup menu, or through Start | Control Panel)
    - Activate the Settings tab,
    - Click Advanced.
    - Activate the Troubleshoot tab.
    - Drag the Hardware acceleration slider a notch or two to the left.
    - OK your way out.
    - If that doesn't help, repeat.
    - If it doesn't help at all, you can restore the original setting.

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    Re: Screen Refresh (2003 SP3)

    Go to Start/Run and type in "winword.exe /a" without the quotes. There is a space before the slash.

    This starts Word without your which is the template for all new docs. If everything works now either is corrupt or some add-in is causing the problem. If things work properly now, this also rules out hardware or other problems. If things do not work properly when you do this, Word is likely not the problem.


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    Re: Screen Refresh (2003 SP3)

    I decreased the hardware acceleration; it doesn't make a difference.

    I checked the driver, and it is badly out of date. I have placed a call to our IT gurus to get it updated. We will see how long it takes them, and if it works.

    HansV: Thanks for the help. I thought it might be only Word, since I don't have the problem anywhere else. And, every time IT pushes something new onto our computers, a whole bunch of things seem to go wrong, especially with MIcrosoft products.

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