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    Appointment Reminders (Outlook 2003)

    I donít know if you can help me with this, but every time I open up my outlook at Work all the old appointment reminders pop up and I have to delete each one. I go to my office there only a few times a week so it is really a pain.

    Any ideas as to how I can turn this feature off?

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    Re: Appointment Reminders (Outlook 2003)

    There might be a VBA solution to this, but one way to "click off" all those reminders quickly would be to create a new View in the Calendar folder. Lay out the view as a table and include the Reminder field along with the Subject, Start, and End times. Then define a filter which requires that the Reminder=Yes and the End be on or before today. (I just used the word "today" and it seemed to work.) When you use this view, a single click on the bell icon will clear the reminder from that item.

    (To speed switching between views for a folder, it is helpful to keep the Advanced toolbar displayed.)

    Does this help?
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    Re: Appointment Reminders (Outlook 2003)

    If you are on Exchange Server at work, the server side records of your appointments could be corrupted, so try the steps in <post:=690,201>post 690,201</post:>.
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