I have a problem with a file.
I want to Protect and Unprotect the book in Code.

I should be able to do this simply with

Activeworkbook.Unprotect 'If NO Password and
ActiveWorkbook.Protect 'If No Password

Running this as a one off Command give me no problems provided it is in another Module in the file
(There are NO Compile Errors in the Modules)
Even if a Write a one line subroutine in the same module it fails with the error below
BUT if I place the one off code line in its own NEW module it works OK

For Example the Code Snippet below from Sub causes the Problem...................

If Range("cellClientID") = "" Then
'New Entry so prompt for opening details and Set Location Lookup Array
'Disable Menus and Save Toolbars
ThisWorkbook.DialogSheets("dlgGetAssetNames").List Boxes("lstAssetCats").RemoveAllItems
'Get Details

varLocation(1, 1) = "Yarmouth": varLocation(1, 2) = "Y"
varLocation(2, 1) = "Norwich": varLocation(2, 2) = "N"
varLocation(3, 1) = "Lowestoft": varLocation(3, 2) = "L"
varLocation(4, 1) = "Halesworth": varLocation(4, 2) = "R"
varLocation(5, 1) = "Thetford": varLocation(5, 2) = "T"
varLocation(6, 1) = "Aylsham": varLocation(6, 2) = "M"
varLocation(7, 1) = "Unused": varLocation(7, 2) = ""
varLocation(8, 1) = "North Walsham": varLocation(8, 2) = "W"
varLocation(9, 1) = "Unused": varLocation(9, 2) = ""

ActiveWorkbook.UnProtect 'The Problem Line

Call UnProtectSheets
Worksheets("HiddenBackground").Visible = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Call SetUpDialog
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End If

If this is run against the Auto_Open Event or manually then I get
Error 1004

Run-Time Error 1004
Protect Method of Workbook class failed

But put it on its own line in a new Module and it runs fine.

Sub CheckProtect()
End Sub

The Same Code Placed in another existing Module Fails with this Error message
There seems NO reason in the code to cause this problem.

Sadly this project must be done in Excel 95.. Not my choice
If I could move the platform I would and then NO problems

Any Ideas ????