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    Footer text doesn't display (MSOffice 2003)

    Newby Q here...

    I have tried the intuitive path, but it's not working.

    I'm trying to include a footer on the slides in my presentations.

    I select View->Header and Footer, and then select the Footer check box and type some text in the corresponding text box. Finally I click the apply all button and expect to then see a footer.

    Instead, I don't see anything except the page number that was there before. I can't figure out where I define the area in which the footer should display. I've tried this in both Normal and Slide Master view, but not joy....

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    Re: Footer text doesn't display (MSOffice 2003)

    If you use both View | Header and Footer *and* View | Master | Slide Master, results may be confusing. It's probably safest to enter the text that you want in the <footer> text in the Footer Area of the slide master.

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