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    Getting Videos to run consistently (2003/2007)

    I had someone ask me this and short of playing with it and guessing, I don't know the answer off the top of my head.

    They have PowerPoint presentations, running on a monitor and a projector. Lots of them Some have video and some do not. Of the one's that have video, sometimes the video shows on the projector image as a black rectangle, sometimes it works. Sometimes the video shows on the monitor, sometimes it is a black rectangle. Sometimes the video shows in both places.

    What are the keys to successfully incorporating video clips into PowerPoint presentations so that these types of problems can be prevented? Is there a specific file that should be used? Is it a video card issue?

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    Re: Getting Videos to run consistently (2003/2007)

    See Troubleshooting Video in PPT on Echo Swinford's website.

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