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    Word crashes while changing template (2003)

    I'm editing a 72-page document that uses manually-built outline numbering, and I've chosen to copy and paste the paragraphs into a fresh document that uses my own custom-built template with styles and outline numbering. The numbering scheme uses all five levels of the List Number style family. Today I found I need to modify the properties of one of the levels. I followed the practice that I learned here in the Lounge. I clicked a paragraph that uses the highest level (List Number); then, in the Styles and Formatting pane, I right-clicked the List Number style > Modify.... Next, in the Modify Style dialog box, I clicked on Format > Numbering.... At that moment, Word froze. Up popped the little "we're so sorry, but Word stopped working and we have to shut down" message box. Word relaunched itself and recovered both documents. I closed both documents and opened the template on which my new document is based. I tried to modify the numbering scheme in the template, but again Word crashed.

    This has been happening rather frequently over the past week or so. Last week, I tried to fix the problem by first deleting my temp files, then by deleting the Normal template and letting Word re-create it. Of course, that cost me all my toolbar customization, but I figured that might be a small price to pay if it would fix the problem. Word behaved well for about a day and a half, but now the troubles are reappearing. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions. I have Word open at this moment to a blank new document. Here, Word allows me to modify an outline numbering scheme without crashing.

    One more piece of evidence that might be relevant: Last week, my computer gave me the dreaded BSOD about five times. Sometimes just once a day, sometimes twice. The BSOD and the crashing of Word never appeared to coincide, but of course I was using Word with the documents I described above whenever the computer itself crashed. Could there be a connection?

    By the way, I use this machine (a Dell D620 laptop) on a corporate network. I save my work on the servers, but Word is installed locally. I have consulted our IT department regarding the BSOD problem, and they tell me their only solution is to reimage my hard drive. I have not consulted them regarding my problem with Word. My impression is that these people are very good with hardware and system issues, but they're typically ill-prepared to deal with issues with MS-Office. That's why I turn to the Lounge for support. I'll appreciate any suggestions.

    For the record, this post is related to the one I made last week (<post#=707777>post 707777</post#>).

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    Re: Word crashes while changing template (2003)

    It's probably safest to remove all numbering from the document and to reset all entries in the Format | Bullets and Numbering dialog to the factory default, and either leave the settings alone from then on (preferably) or modify them once and then leave them alone. Then reapply the appropriate styles.

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