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    Override Junk Mail with Rules (2003 SP3)

    In our office, my computer is the only one that receives an estimated average of 125 spam messages each day. Our independent IT rep said it must be that internet sites I visit have sold my address. I doubt that because I don't 'surf'; rather, I access sites like this one, or sites recommended by my trusted sites.

    I have tried creating a rule to permanently delete certain messages, but those rules are ignored. I'm guessing the Junk Mail filter occurs prior to my own rules. Is there a way to give my rules priority over the Junk Mail filter?

    Junk Mail often traps legitimate messages, so I need to keep it active to retrieve those messages.

    If you have any ideas as to why only my computer seems to be relatively unprotected from general spam and other computers receive only two to five per week, I'm interested in knowing them. All computers are connected to a server.


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    Re: Override Junk Mail with Rules (2003 SP3)

    People whose email user names are very common ("chuck", "sue") get more spam, but other than that, popularity with spammers tends to result from having your address published somewhere on the web.

    Does your office have any filtering software or services at all? You definitely can do better than the built-in filtering features.

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