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    Run-time error '5987' (word97/sr2)

    Don't spend too much time on this one, I can't find a reference in the MS knowledge base.

    My little application (reads, updates, saves document files) has started to trip over this error, whose descriptive text includes "Disk Full .. try saving ..." sort of stuff.

    There's no obvious cause.

    I've checked read-only attributes on the files. Files are not read-only.

    Yes, there is enough disk space (500MB free and the document is about 25KB)

    Yes, I have rebooted - I know when Word crashes it sometimes hangs on to files.

    I'll continue to seek out the cause; I suspect that it's nothing to do with disk space, but that MSoft has got its error-codes confused again.

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    Re: Run-time error '5987' (word97/sr2)

    Corrupted equation objects can cause a similar error. There is no way to fix the corrupted object as far as I know, but usually the rest can be salvaged.

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