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    syncing outlook between 2 computers... (outlook 20

    hello one and all!

    quick question, if i may. is there any way of syncing outlook between two computers? i mostly need to get my e-mail from the laptop to the beast (my main computer) when i get home from my many and varied travels, so that i have access to all my e-mail in one place. i guess it wouldn't hurt to do the same thing with my contacts, but it's mostly the e-mail to which i need access. i get tired of having to switch back and forth, after trying to remember which 'puter a particular e-mail is on. <img src=/S/hairout.gif border=0 alt=hairout width=31 height=23>

    thanks for any and all help that all y'all may send my way. take care and God bless.


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    Re: syncing outlook between 2 computers... (outlook 20

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    Re: syncing outlook between 2 computers... (outlook 20

    here is another idea if all you are worried about is your e-mail. On your laptop you can go into account settings in either Outlook, or OE and check the box that says Leave Mail on Server. This will allow you to receive and reply to your e-mail, but when you get home the e-mails that you already looked at will now download to your PC, and come off of the server.
    You wont however get any of the replies that you may have sent from your laptop, however you can get around that aslo by setting up the account to send replies to yourself.
    Thanks John
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