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    Can't Find MS Word (2002-SP3)

    I installed Office XP on a computer and when the user attempts to write an email, he gets a message that states "This form requires Word as your e-mail editor, but Word is either busy or cannot be found."

    I have set him up temporarily with the capability of using the Outlook editor but wonder if there is a way to teach Outlook how to find MS Word.

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    Re: Can't Find MS Word (2002-SP3)

    Have you installed both Word 2002 and Outlook 2002? You can only use Word as e-mail editor in Outlook if the versions are the same, e.g. you can't use Word 2002 with Outlook 2000.

    Have you installed any add-ins for Word or for Outlook? Some add-ins interfere with using Word as e-mail editor.

    BTW, I prefer *not* using Word as e-mail editor if it can be avoided. Outlook is more stable with its own editor.

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