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    linking many cells (2007)

    Hi all,

    I wanted to create a workbook that had several worksheets that were the same. I wanted to be able to edit only the first worksheet and have the other worksheets do the same via links. When I had created the original worksheet I did Copy, then tried to paste to the next worksheet. The hourglass appeared and after a time I was notified that there weren't enough resources availble to continue. Eventually Excel shutdown and restarted. Thanks for the recovery feature MS!

    Now to my question. Is there a way to make a copy of a worksheet and link all the cells to the worksheet I paste into? Does this make sense? I should add that I don't want a bunch of zeroes in the empty cells and that I ultimately what an exact copy text, colors of text and fill colors, etc. in the second worksheet.


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    Re: linking many cells (2007)

    Can you explain what you want to accomplish? Having a bunch of identical worksheets seems rather superfluous to me...

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