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    Headers and Footers (XP and 2000)

    Probably a simple answer for this, but why aren't headers and footers included when one does a CTRL+A, CTRL+C, or when you insert a file into a new document? I have a bunch of Word training documents with headers and footers with the date the documents were created and the file pathname and would like to keep them in the new document for reference.

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    Re: Headers and Footers (XP and 2000)

    If you really select the entire document (Ctrl+A), headers and footers should be included when you copy and paste into a blank new document, but not when you paste into an existing document. The same holds when you insert a document into another one. To preserve the header/footer when pasting or inserting into an existing document:
    - Go to the end of the document whose contents you want to transfer.
    - Select Insert | Break and insert a continuous section break.
    Note: if the document contains multiple sections, headers and footers for sections before the last one will *always* be transferred. The above description applies to the last section (which is the only one in a document with one section).

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