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    Re: Gotcha!!! but disappointed


    Quite often these viruses will use a random name for a DLL (such as FPgzRyPm.dll) which is different for each infected computer, so it wouldn't surprise me that a startup entry name could be random as well. (VirtuMonde is one such virus, in my recent acquaintance, on a friend's PC.) Consequently no hits on Google.

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    Gotcha!!! but dissappointed

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    With reference to my post <post#=709071>post 709071</post#> and the unknown startup item l3hlr: Google turned up nothing on it. For the past week I have been running thorough scans with Adaware, Spybot, Windows defender, Avast anti vrus (free) plus tried the Trend Micro link here and no problems were found. But just not happy with the way my computer was running and couldn't pin it down to anything other than this l3hlr that appeared in the startup list. Trying to stop it did not work as it seemed to re start itself on a reboot then this morning noticed that the Avast icon in the task bar was missing though Avast was running OK. After much frustration trying to find out what was causing this I decided to uninstall Avast completely and try the latest AVG free v 8. see screen shot for result. Relieved in one way to have identified the **** thing but dissappointed because I have long praised and recommended Avast for being able to handle most issues for casual browsers (I can only assume it arrived via some links for ebooks I was surfing around <img src=/S/stupidme.gif border=0 alt=stupidme width=30 height=30> ) So I will stick with AVG for a while now and I'm thinking perhaps it's safer to pay for this in the future.
    edit: when you look for "packed.morphine.c" ....loads of hits!!
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    Re: Gotcha!!! but dissappointed

    From the looks of your scan log, it looks like you had more trouble than l3hlr. Those trojans look more worrysome to me than Packed.Morphine.c.

    I've been an Avast user since last summer and have no complaints about the program and, to date, no problems with my system. I'm rather surprised that Avast would have missed all those nasties and AVG would identify and fix them all after the Trend Micro scan also missed them too.
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