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    Word Importing Excel Data (2003)

    I am trying to design a formatted Word document that has variables which are populated from an MS Excel table (that was populated by a form). I have read about dynamically linking Word and Excel so that edits in Excel are reflected automatically in Word. What would it take to import data into a formatted MS Word form that wold leverage the MS Excel form data? Are there any example postings you are aware of that might be a useful starting point to play with?


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    Re: Word Importing Excel Data (2003)

    Select one or more cells in the Excel worksheet.
    Select Edit | Copy or press Ctrl+C to copy them to the clipboard.
    Switch to your Word document.
    Click where you want the Excel information to appear.
    Select Edit | Paste Special...
    Click the "Paste Link" radio button.
    You can select from several formatting options. If you want the text to look as in Excel, select HTML or Formatted Text; if you want the text to take on the formatting of the Word document, select Plain Text.
    Click OK.

    Repeat the above steps as needed.

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