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    Queries in VBA (Access 2000)

    Where can I get a sample of code that will create a new record with a given date (probably the current date) and put the next available number in sequence for that date unless no record has been created yet for that date, in which case I'd like it to use 1. Basically, I need code to query for the TOTAL/ MAX job number of all records on a certain date, and have the code use the number 1 if no records have been retrieved (because none were created yet for that date). i.e. I want the first record created for each date to start with 1.


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    Re: Queries in VBA (Access 2000)

    Can be done with a simple DMax:

    NewJobno = NZ( DMax("jobno","tblJobs","jobDate=" & txtDate),0) + 1

    This gets the biggest JobNo in the table for a date specified in a control box. The NZ function ensures that if it doesn't find anything, it returns 0. Then you just add "1".
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