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    Selecting 1000 records (AccessXP)

    I have a query that returns 4000 records. I would like to write some code to save the first 1000 records to a file, the next 1000 records to another file, and the next 1000 records etc...
    How do I select the 1000 records only?

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    Re: Selecting 1000 records (AccessXP)

    If your query contains a field with unique values, lets, say F, you can create a query based on the original query that adds a sequence number:

    SeqNo: DCount("*", "QueryName", "[F] <= " & [F])

    You can set the criteria for this column to <=1000 and export.
    Then set the criteria to Between 1001 and 2000 and export, etc.

    If you really want to use code, what kind of file would you like to save to?

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