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    Unable to select Shapes and graphics in Word 2007 (Word 2007)

    I have a picture in a word document and I wanted to highlight a part of that by using a shape, I seem to be unable to select a shape and a picture at the same time I can only select one or the other. Both have the correct type of wrapping (in front of text). I have been using this method for the past 10 years in other Word versions so I know I am doing it right. It seems that Word in now differentiating between pictures and shapes rather than treating them both as objects.

    How can I get around this?



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    Re: Unable to select Shapes and graphics in Word 2007 (Word 2007)

    This is the consequence of the half-baked implementation of a new graphics engine in Word 2007. Shapes are still handled by Word but pictures by the new Office graphics engine...

    See Word 2007 can't group pictures, shapes and textbox together for some workarounds.

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