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    Copy/paste macros (2000 sr-1)

    Here is the scenario. We have about 50 workbooks which need to be modified. So what I did was modified one completely then I wrote a macro that copies the same data from the modified workbook into another one that is open. I did this by recording the actions. No I need the peice of code that selects the other workbook that is open automatically because when I recorded it, a name was given to this other book so that is in the code. In other words, how do I make the macro select the other open workbook.

    Also, if I want to make the macro automatically protect the sheet AND set a password to it, what is the code to set the password part.

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    Re: Copy/paste macros (2000 sr-1)

    Have a look at <A target="_blank" HREF= &sb=&o=&vc=1> this thread </A> to find out how to loop through a directory and automatically open files.

    The code to protect a worksheet with a password is simply:
    <pre>Sub ProtectIt()
    ActiveSheet.Protect Password:="hello"
    End Sub

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