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    Defrag On A Dual Boot Machine (Ultimate)

    So far, I don't have a problem but I make this post just in case anyone has a comment or suggestion - or even a warning!

    I have two physical SATA drives and up until last week I was running XP MCE edition on the C: drive. At that time I added a clean boot of Vista Ultimate on the second drive which is normally the D: drive. Because of that clean boot, Vista takes drive letter C: and assigns the D: to the other drive containing XP. Not a problem; I'm getting used to it; XP is still my "main squeeze" and Vista is a "learning tool" for me.

    I've been running ShadowProtect as my backup imaging program for about a month and a half on the XP drive. I run incremental images every night in a scheduled job. Successful so far. Starting last week, I added a second job to the cycle, making a daily image of the Vista drive, including nightly incrementals. Still successful. The output of my imaging goes to an alternating pair of USB external drives. Prior to imaging each week, I always run a CHKDSK /F on each drive, empty my Firefox cache, recycle bin and temporary internet files elsewhere.

    What I haven't mentioned so far is that after running CHKDSK I have been using PerfectDisk to defrag the XP drive. As with ShadowProtect, PerfectDisk is on the XP installation. Today, for the first time I was faced with the prospect of defragging the Vista drive, while running PD from within XP, so I was a mite nervous, but figured I've got yesterday's Vista image if I screw up. So, I ran a defrag of both the XP and Vista drive, which was successful.

    To me the proof of the pudding is in the booting and when I was all finished I booted to Vista and it was OK and just as I left it. As I said, feel free to comment or ask questions. Maybe some Lounge searcher might be helped (or warned) by my reckless abandon!

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    Re: Defrag On A Dual Boot Machine (Ultimate)

    I think running CHKDSK so often isn't healthy or at least unnecessary. That utility is designed for use when problems occur and not as a regular item.

    Since my main OS is Vista, and XP for reference only on a second HDD, contra to your system I do the same as you, i.e., I have Perfect Disk installed on Vista and scheduled to defrag both drives before my scheduled backups of those two systems. In short, it is all automated and it has worked flawlessly for a looooooooooong time. So, I don't see anything "odd" about what you are doing except as noted above re: CHKDSK being run. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>
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