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    Ken Prescott

    WinZip (6.3 (SR-1))

    Win98, Outlook Express. I did a clean install to correct a software conflict. In the process I used WinZip, as I have in the past, to zip up my email folders. I zipped the email onto a brand new zip disk. When I unzipped the files after the clean install, and imported the email into Outlook Express, I got email from 9/00 back to 6/99. Nothing in the past year.

    Now what makes this wierd is that about every 3 months, I delete all email that I have not already processed that is older than 6 months. Then in the Deleted Items directory, I delete email that is older than 9 months. So where did all of this old email come from? And, where is my more recent stuff.

    Not only is the email since 10/00 missing. The directories that I had created are also missing.

    I thought that perhaps I can run the unzip and import again, but would like some feedback.

    Ken Prescott

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    Re: WinZip (6.3 (SR-1))

    you apparently had email in two locations and backed up the old location, not the new one.

    Or you had a second zip (from last year) and used the wrong one. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    the only hope of recovering the mail is you reformatted the drive is if the second one happened.

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