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    Copy values as two decimal points (Excel 2003)

    I am copying values from one workbook with formulas to another workbook. As an example, the formula on worksheet one calculates 2,828.18 *65.5% =1,852.46. When I copy /paste special/value 1,852.46 to a new workbook, it shows as 1,852.46 but the value in the formula bar is 1,852.4579.

    I'm familiar with ROUNDUP and "Precision as displayed" but is there a simpler way to just copy it as two decimals? Thanks.

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    Re: Copy values as two decimal points (Excel 2003)

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    The result of your calculation *is* 1852.4579 even if it is displayed as 1852,46 in the original worksheet. You can verify this by making the column containing the cell with the result wider. So you need to use a rounding function or set Excel to use precision as displayed. Another possibility is to paste the number (displayed with 2 decimal places) into another application, for example Word or Notepad, copy the number in that application and then paste into the other workbook.

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