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    Merge multiple records into one letter (2002/2003)

    We would like to use merge (but are not locked into merge) to take Excel records into a letter format. The letter, of course, contains name and address, but there is also a table area, where it is possible that the person could have multiple transactions listed. Is it possible to create this merge without getting too complicated?

    Our current work around is to have the table set up with different field names for the possible rows of data. Then the Excel file has different columns instead of rows for the different transactions. This works, but if we have additional transactions that means additional columns (fields) and in the Word document the table will have additional rows that could be blank.

    Our first idea to use Excel rows for each transaction would be the best, but we do not know how to set up the merge. I did see a posting in the Lounge that said that to merge to a table there should only be one row in the table and no paragraphs after the table. Since our table is in the middle of the letter, it seems that table would be an issue.

    Are there any ideas our there?

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    Re: Merge multiple records into one letter (2002/2003)

    Is there any chance that you could use Microsoft Access? An Access report is much more flexible than mail merge in Word.

    If you prefer to use Word, you may be able to use the technique described in MSKB article How to use mail merge to create a list sorted by category in Word. It's rather tricky, so read the instructions carefully.

    Or you could use VBA code from Excel or from within Word to fill the document. This requires that you're familiar with both Excel VBA and Word VBA.

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