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    send object question (access 2003)

    I use the command below to created a report based on a query using the strwhere statement. This works great to filter ther report in line 1 but I want to send the same report filtered in an emai using sendobject. Is there a way I can filter the attached report using my strwhere statement? Thanks...

    Line 1:
    DoCmd.OpenReport "NSReschedules", acViewPreview, , strwhere, acNormal

    DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "NSReschedules", , , , , , "test", "test2:", False, ""

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    Re: send object question (access 2003)

    You'll have to change the report's record source. You'll find some sample code in <post:=275,460>post 275,460</post:> that could be adapted for your purpose.

    PS It would be nice if you acknowledged the replies to your questions, so that others know whether they were helpful.

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