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    Protecting a workbook (Excel 2003)

    What is the difference b/w protecting a workbook for 'structure' and protecting it for 'windows'..??..??

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    Re: Protecting a workbook (Excel 2003)

    Hi DJM,

    From the Excel help file:
    To protect the structure of a workbook so that worksheets in the workbook can't be moved, deleted, hidden, unhidden, or renamed and new worksheets can't be inserted, select the Structure check box.
    To use windows of the same size and position each time the workbook is opened, select the Windows check box.

    These protection mechanisms apply to the entire workbook, whereas the 'Objects' and 'Scenarios' protections apply to viewing and editing of an individual worksheet. Again, from the Excel help file:
    To prevent changes to graphic objects on worksheets or charts, select the Objects check box.
    To prevent changes to the definitions of scenarios on a worksheet, select the Scenarios check box.

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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