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    The scope of a variable (MS Access2007)

    I like to use a variable in my form "frmOrders" as well as in my subform "sfrmOrders".
    As I believe to have understood the scope of a variable, when I declare the variable in the declaration section of my formmodule of "frmOrders", i can't see this variable in my subform and therefore I need to have a global variable in order to make this possible.
    My question now is the following one, Does there exists another way than using a global variable to give a variable a scope that range over more than one formmodule, or is the only solution to full qualify the variable in the other form e.g. variable in frmOrders : OrderItemDeleted As Booleaan and in SubfrmOrders : If Me.Parent!OrderItemDeleted then ... .

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    Re: The scope of a variable (MS Access2007)

    You can declare the variable as Public in the code module of frmOrders:

    Public OrderITemDeleted As Boolean

    You can then refer to the value of this variable anywhere as


    And from the subform sfrmOrders you can refer to it as


    Another possibility is to store a value in a hidden control (in this example a check box) named OrderItemDeleted. You can then refer to it as


    or from the subform


    Yet another possibility is to declare the variable as public in a standard module (the type of module that you create in the Modules section of the database window):

    Public OrderITemDeleted As Boolean

    You can then refer to it anywhere in the code in your database as


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