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    Stop a Start-up Macro (excel 2003)

    I put a startup macro in a spreadsheet to automatically sort a list of payment dates which automatically refresh based upon a system of vlookups and a today formula on a calculations sheet, in short, the closest payment dates are always at the top of the list. I closed the workbook on the calculations sheet sheet and now the startup macro is sorting all of my calculations data instead of the payment schedule. How do I stop a start-up macro? Can I get into vbe and edit is without opening the spreadsheet? I tried holding down shift while starting the sheet but that didn't work.

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    Re: Stop a Start-up Macro (excel 2003)

    Holding down Shift while opening the workbook should work. Make sure that you hold down the Shift key until the workbook has fully opened.

    Also: has macro security been set to Low (in Tools | Macro | Security)? If so, set it to Medium. When you open the workbook, you'll be asked whether to enable or disable macros. Select Disable Macros. This will prevent the startup macro from running without holding down Shift.

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