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    Processing order of importing files (2003)

    I have the following code that gets a list of files to import. <pre>FName = Dir(importPath & "PO*.csv")
    Do While FName <> ""
    ImportData = True
    FileList(i) = FName
    'move to the next file in the list
    FName = Dir
    i = i + 1
    TotFiles = i</pre>

    Then that array is run through and the files are imported into my database.

    Is it possible to control the order they are loaded to the array? I NEED to process the oldest file first.

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    Re: Processing order of importing files (2003)

    Dir always loops through the files in alphabetic order. You cannot change that. You could use Application.FileSearch instead. It results in an array of filenames, so you don't have to create the array yourself. And you can also get the number of found files

    Dim i As Integer
    With Application.FileSearch
    .LookIn = importPath
    .Filename = "PO*.csv"
    If .Execute(msoSortByLastModified, msoSortOrderAscending) > 0 Then
    TotFiles = .FoundFiles.Count
    For i = 1 To TotFiles
    Debug.Print .FoundFiles(i)
    Next i
    End If
    End With

    Note: the FoundFiles array contains the complete file names including the path, not just the file names.

    Warning: FileSearch is not available in Office 2007 any more.

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