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    Outlook Web Access (Web Access)

    I had someone ask me a question about their outlook web access that I could not answer for sure. They asked why a name did not populate in the To box like it does in Outlook. As you begin typing, a list of email addresses pop down in a list but web access will not. I am sure there is a very simple explanation and I would love to hear it so that I can answer him correctly. Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Outlook Web Access (Web Access)

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    Although Microsoft has done its best to make Outlook Web Access work much like Outlook itself, there are many differences because Outlook Web Access (OWA) is not a stand-alone application, it operates in your web browser and works via Internet. It can be used in the office, but also if you're at home, or in a hotel room 5,000 miles away from the office. It doesn't have access to your address book continuously, so it cannot match a name with the address list as you type.
    Instead, click the To... button, type a name or part of a name, then click Find. OWA will then contact the Exchange server and return a list of names that match what you typed.

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