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    Multiple Table of Contents? (Word 2003)

    I have a Table of Contents for my document. There are some parts of the document that are not complete. Is it possible for me to create a second TOC for the incomplete sections without affecting my first TOC? Thanks!

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    Re: Multiple Table of Contents? (Word 2003)

    You can create multiple TOCs in a document in several ways. The "default" TOC is based on outline levels and heading styles. You can limit it to part of a document by creating a bookmark for that part of the document, and add a switch <code>b bookmarkname</code> to the field code for the TOC. So you could create a bookmark for the finished sections and a bookmark for the incomplete sections, and create separate TOCs for each.

    You can also create a TOC based on specific styles, and/or a TOC based on TC fields.

    See the built-in Word help, or search Google for word create TOC for more info on the various ways to create a TOC.

    You can listen to the section "Multiple TOCs" in Microsoft's training course Table of Contents II: Advanced TOCs, long documents, and other tables.

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