Hi All,
For a project of mine I found this example of creating Windows Management Instrumentation classes in vb.net to return server information. This all works well and good however I can't get my mind around how I would be able to use a class when the WMI query will return multiple instances of objects, like disk drives.
<pre>qryStringDD = New ObjectQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_DiskDrive")
objDD = New ManagementObjectSearcher(objScope, qryStringDD)

For Each objMgmt In objDD.Get()
m_strDiskDriveManufacturer = objMgmt("Manufacturer").ToString()
m_strDiskDriveModel = objMgmt("Model").ToString()
m_strDiskDriveName = objMgmt("Name").ToString()
m_strDiskDrivePartitions = objMgmt("Partitions").ToString()
m_strDiskDriveType = objMgmt("MediaType").ToString()
m_strDiskDriveSize = objMgmt("Size") / 1073741824

Also, how would I be able to call a certain instance of an object, in this case a disk drive.
Thank you.