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    Printing Forms (Access 2003)

    I am trying to print out several forms on one page. I am selecting the "6 Pages per Sheet" option in the Print --> Properties --> Paper/Quality section. While 6 forms do appear on my page, the forms are very small and only take up about 1/16th the space given to each form on the page. How can I make the data fill the space given to each form. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Re: Printing Forms (Access 2003)

    Although Access offers the option of printing a form, it's not really a good idea.
    I'd design a report - it offers more control over the layout and over the way it is printed: you can specify the number of columns per page and whether records are printed across-then-down or down-then-across, in the Columns tab of the Page Setup dialog.

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