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    Inbox.dbx will not decrease after compacting (OE ver 6 under XP SP-2)

    My problems started after allowing a compaction to start. The PC was turned off and later turned back on. Parts of the inbox contents were missing. The Inbox size was 1.3 GB at this point. I retreived the missing messages from a backup file.
    A few days later another block of messages disappeared. I have attempted to reduce the Inbox size by moving older messages to a new folder and then compacting the Inbox. The file size just keeps growing. It is up to 1.9 GB now but there are only a couple hundred messges showing.
    Has the file become so corrupt that it cannot repair itself with fewer messages and a compaction?
    Would can I do to put OE back into a stable state?
    Thanks you for any guidance.

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    Re: Inbox.dbx will not decrease after compacting (OE ver 6 under XP SP-2)

    If your backup has all the messages you want to save, shut down OE. Delete all the database files. Restart OE. It will create a new empty database. Import the messages from your backup. OE is notorious for having database issues. You should consider using Windows Live Mail - Overview. It is the product replacing OE. It is very similar to OE but a new product which is more stable and robust.


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