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    Org Charts (2003)

    Is there a simple way of moving the "Manager 3" box to the left of the "Manager 2" box in the attached example? I know that I can turn the AutoLayout off and drag the box to the new location, but this messes up all the connecting lines and it never looks quite right again.

    Also when adding a Co-worker, I'm sure that I used to be able to specify whether to position the new box to the left or right of an existing employee. This was probably in a previous release of the product. In the case of my attachment, I guess I could add a new co-worker to the right of "Manager 1", make that the box for "Manager 3", then drag the subordinates to that new box. But that all seems a bit long winded to me.

    Can anyone offer any help on this? Not urgent at all, but any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Org Charts (2003)

    1) I don't think so - if you don't want to turn off AutoLayout you'll have to start from scratch, I think.

    2) I can't remember that feature being present in older versions, but then I'm not an extensive PowerPoint user...

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