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    Runing in safemode

    I have just reinstalled windows Vista Bussiness for 6TH time. After I load all the drivers and up date everything the computer always starts back up in the safemode I have run tests about this problem and one of the tests informed me that it is a error in a unwritable progam Anyway can someone tell me how to make this computer run normal again. It's a Dell Lat. D820 Dual core 149Gigs Ram2 Gigs Ican't find anything in the Vista Dummies book about this problem. <post#=1917>post 1917</post#>

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    Re: Runing in safemode

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge and now we'll cross my fingers and start... I think you need to tell us MORE before anyone can possibly venture to try to help you.

    1) Is this a new laptop and what operating system was on it BEFORE you started all these Vista installs?
    2) Do you have all the drivers for Vista from DELL on hand before you start the install?
    3) What do you mean by the statement: "...and update everything..." ?
    4) You say you've run "tests" - what tests might that be?
    5) Tell us MORE about this error about an "unwritable program" i.e. the exact wording of the message, program name, whatever you can.

    In the final analysis laptops can be VERY difficult to upgrade from one OS to another, given the uniqueness of all the drivers and software required. You may have to rely on in-depth help from Dell, but we'll try if you can give us some more ammunition.

    Finally, since this all has to do with Vista, I think I will move your post to the Vista Forum when I make this post.

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