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    Change displayed data

    Is there a way to change how data is displayed using query or report? The data is currently his way in the table:

    ID, Name, City, Type
    50, CarShop, Springfield, Home
    50, CarShop, Springfield, Marine
    50, CarShop, Springfield, Commerce

    I would like it to be this way in a report:
    ID, Name, City, Home, Marine, Air, Commerce
    50, CarShop, Springfield, Home, Marine,,Commerce

    I thought a crosstab would work, but I can't figure out how.


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    Re: Change displayed data

    This is a very nice example for bad database design without normalization.
    In order to have the desired report you need to have two tables in 1-n relationship (referential integrity):
    1. tblShop with Shop_ID, Shop_Category, Shop_City
    2.tblType with Type_ID, type_ShopID, Type_Name

    Do not forget to define the relationship in the relationship window and use the grouping options for the report.

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